Workshops - Finished Work

When your work is ready to collect check the Studio Open Times page to see when you can come and collect your work

Taste of Clay

25th of April -  Will be ready for collection from the 13th of May - Must be collected by 14th of August

10th of April - Will be ready by 30th April - Must be collected by 31st July

Everything before the 10th of April (from the last five or so years) is ready and must be collected by the end of June

Clay After Dark

All Clay After Dark work is ready for collection and must be collected by the end of June

Everything every made at the Sailorboi studio in the past 5 years has been kept but we are running out of storage so we are now putting a three month limit on keeping work.

Please make sure to check the opening hours before you come to collect your work as I won’t be able to give you your work if I’m not there or I’m teaching a class