Workshops - Finished Work

Here you will find a list of the competed workshops held at Sailorboi

Once your work is completed and ready for collection it will appear on the list below

This list is compiled by class type and date

When your work is ready to collect check the Studio Open Times page to see when you can come and collect your work

DELAYED - My Kiln died on me at the end of 2019 and then I was overseas, I've fixed the kiln and am currently testing it before I start to fire the kiln with people's work in it I'm hoping everything will be ready be the 15th of February 

Clay After Dark

Date Class ID Status
22nd November XA DELAYED - will keep you updated ASAP 
13th December  XB DELAYED - will keep you updated ASAP


Taste of Clay

 Date Class ID Status
15th December VJ / VK / VL DELAYED - will keep you updated ASAP
1st December VG / VH / VI DELAYED - will keep you updated ASAP
10th November  VD / VE / VF Ready to Collect
27th October VA / VB / VC Ready to Collect
All Dates Prior -------------- Ready to Collect