Workshops - Finished Work

Here you will find a list of the competed workshops held at Sailorboi

Once your work is completed and ready for collection it will appear on the list below

When your work is ready to collect check the Studio Open Times page to see when you can come and collect your work

Taste of Clay

Work from 28th March onwards is delayed, waiting on the new kiln to be hooked up plus lockdown, the kiln is being hooked up this weekend (12th June) so it won’t take me long to catch up now

14th March to 27th March now ready for collection, last day for collection is 12th July 2021

13th March and prior, last day for collection is 18th June 2021

Clay After Dark

All workshops pre-lockdown (from 2019 and 2020) are now ready to collect, last date for collection is 18th June 2021

 Collection Period

All work from every workshop ever done at Sailorboi has been kept in the hope that the work will be collected, unfortunately after 3 years I’m running out of storage and I have to start to cull, I’m now putting a 3 month collection period on all class work. Any work not collected in time will become property of Sailorboi and may be used, donated, or destroyed in anyway we see fit.