It has been a while, for the people that managed to pick up their work at the end of last year this may not apply to you, but for everyone else I’m starting to reengage with Sailorboi loose ends and get things all caught up for everyone
I’m incredibly sorry for those who I’ve gone radio silent on, I wasn’t prepared for the anxiety and depression that followed shutting down a business that I’ve been working on since 2009. I’m not sure why but I wasn’t expecting this to be an emotional experience for me, oh boy was I wrong
The studio will be open most Fridays and Saturdays (other work pending) and I will be sure to keep the Sailorboi website updated with opening hours
The glazes will be available (from 24th May) for anyone who still has work to glaze


All pieces that were glazed have been fired and are ready for collection

If anyone has any other concerns feel free to email Sailorboi and I’ll help you out